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Dr. Rittenbruch will give a presentation, titled Interacting on a massive scale: Cube & CubIT, the design, implementation and evaluation of very large-scale collaborative multi-user workspaces, on wednesday, 16.10.2013 at IMTMs ModLab (NB02/33). He will highlight lessons learnt from the first 8 months of „CubIT“, present initial results from a recent evaluation of the framework and discuss plans for future research.

“The Cube” is a unique facility that combines 48 large multi-touch screens and very large-scale projection surfaces to form one of the world’s largest interactive learning and engagement spaces. The Cube facility is part of the Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Science and Engineering Centre, designed to showcase QUT’s teaching and research capabilities in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines.

“CubIT”, a large-scale multi-user presentation and collaboration platform, was specifically designed to allow QUT staff and students to utilise the capabilities of the Cube. CubIT’s primary purpose is to enable users to upload, interact with and share their own media content on the Cube’s display surfaces using a shared workspace approach. User can log into CubIT on any of the wall surfaces using their RFID-enabled staff or student card. The system is implemented via three components, a large-screen multi-touch interface, a mobile phone and tablet application and a web-based content management system. Each of these applications plays a different role and supports different interaction mechanisms supporting a range of collaborative features including multi-user shared workspace interaction, drag and drop upload and sharing between users, session management and dynamic state control between different parts of the system. In this talk I will briefly introduce the Cube facility and describe the design and implementation of the CubIT framework in detail.